I never finished high school. I do not read much.except the bible. I write from my experiences, and my gut. Adults Only Please
I’m part of a multi-ethnic family. I’m also a redneck, a writer and a whistle-blower. :) Life is short. Live your dreams.
Explore Interesting Facts Of Places,Things,People,Animals,Life,Events Etc
Cool headed, Aspiring to be a strong Sport, Human right Journalist. REVELATION IS THE NAME
Love God. Love Politics. Love Books. Love Learning. Love Family. Love Life. Never. Stop. Loving
Exquisite Me~Embodiment of intelligence~Agricultural Economist-Open-minded~Extrovert~tech love~6 ft tall~simplicity~Smiles large~loves art,nature
If you meet a person who does not own a bookshelf and does not like dogs, there most likely boring retards.
Saudi Man, in my Late 20s, master degree in analytical chemistry, true believer in sexism i dont hate women. i just believe that men are superior in many ways
Mother of 2 beautiful girls, who inspire me daily :) I feel like Im on the right road to SuCcEsS